Super Heroes Socks and Obsessions


I am one of those people who have secretly wanted to be a super hero all my life.  

I day-dream a lot about what it would be like to fly around and save people from burning buildings and villans. I guess I could have been a fire woman or police officer but really their uniforms are not as cool as spandex and a cape and flying is out of the question! Maybe I just really like spandex and bright colors….hmmmm….making up for the inability to fly.

I realized the other day while riding the bus that I kind of dress like a super hero now in my life….yes at 36 years old I wear spandex tights with the words KAPOW and BOOM in bright fluorescent colors all over them….remember the old Batman show whenever they punched someone the word “BOOM” or “KAPOW” would come up on the screen? Did I just age myself?

Yep! Those are my pants…..and I was wearing them with a Superman sweatshirt….and carrying a superhero purse covered in material that has ALL the best superheroes on it from batman, spider man, the Rock, Captain America, and many more….yeah…I might have some issues. I look for all opportunities to dress in my super hero gear…and it certainly does not just fall on halloween! I am pretty cool to young children, they always smile and point with excitement. It’s the adults that I can’t decide if they are jealous because they wish they had the freedom to dress like that or if they are wondering which crazy place I just escaped from.

The only ring I ever wear consistently is a Superman ring…..I took it off once when I went out and I felt like I might get hit with kryptonite so came right home after and put it back on….that was 6 years ago…it hasn’t come off since.

My obsessive ways are more secretive than out there in the world….at least that’s what I think.  Ever since I was a kid I always felt guilty if I left one of something in the fridge…you know like eating the second last hotdog and now the lonely one hotdog had to hang out in the fridge by itself waiting its turn….I would instantly go back and have to eat it so it could meet up with its friend….in my belly!  Are you beginning to feel a little more “normal”? Or can you relate?

The weird ways don’t end there! Oh no! I don’t match my socks. Sock matching is for people who, in my opinion, are much too organized and can’t see the benefit and fun of sock s getting to mingle with other socks in the drawer. It is like being able to have a little multicultural experience for my socks. The blue sock gets to hang out with the green sock…in the drawer AND potentially on my feet at the same time. You know that it probably lost its pair somewhere between the washing machine and dryer but we will never know because I refuse to make them find out.  They have cousin socks that need love too and frankly probably lost their twin in the same way….the Bermuda triangle washing machine/dryer experience.

These are the mysteries of life I am not sure will ever be solved!

At least not today….



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