Mr. Dressup and Tickle Trunks….You Know You Want One!!


If you were born in the 70’s, chances are likely that you grew up watching specific children’s television.  Sesame Street, Jolly Green Giant and who could possibly forget Mr. Dressup!

Mr. Dressup was one of my all-time favorite shows! With his “tickle trunk” of costumes that he and Casey could put on at any moment to play…..those were the days.

Who am I kidding… life now is very similar to this.  I have a “tickle trunk” at the end of my bed! YEP! I have secretly ALWAYS had a “tickle trunk”!  At one time it would have been known as the part of the closet only I was allowed to look in and at another time it was the suitcase no one was allowed to use….

NOW, that I am in my late thirties I have graduated to a great dark brown leather storage unit at the end of my bed that makes it look all fancy like you would find bedding or something “adult like” in….NOT IN MY ROOM!

When you open that up, you will find wigs in every color, clown and scarecrow costumes, eye patches and pirate swords,hawaiin lays, princess crowns and wands (DO NOT forget the wands!), werewolf costumes, Italian hairy man chest and mustache (DO NOT forget the mustache!), butterfly wings, tootoos, superhero costumes (NOW with a CAPE!! THANK YOU MTF!!) you name it, I probably got it! It makes me so happy to know that at a moment notice, I can throw together a costume and be unrecognizable and in full character in minutes!

Sometimes I go to value village just to see what costumes I can come up with and buy them and put them in the “tickle trunk” for emergencies.  You never know when you may need a biker vest and leather hat.  These things are very important as you cannot fool a Hell’s Angel without them….although I have not been able to fit the Harley in the trunk for emergencies so I may be kind of screwed on this one….I don’t think I really thought that through very good…..hmmmm…..

Anyway….costumes are fun to have.  People who say they don’t like dressing up in costumes are clearly currently wearing their costumes everyday in public and might I say…some “costumes” people come up with for regular wear are….<clearing my throat>….creative….to say the least….

Sometimes I tell people in public about my tickle trunk and costumes just to see if they will admit their own “crazy” and then we can be friends OR it is a good way to weed out the people who may be a little “too stiff” in life for me to hang out with because they will go running in the opposite direction!  Usually they don’t “run”…..they pretend they have an important call they have to take. That’s okay with me, don’t want to have to explain myself any further than this to someone freaked out by adults who like to “dress up!”

Am I the only one who does this? Do you have a closet or trunk of costumes? If you do….we should be friends.  Can never have too many friends with costumes I say!

Hmmmm…..what to wear tomorrow?




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