I have seriously had like a BAZILLION jobs since graduating from high school….I took them all as “this will be the time that I find myself and what it is I want to do” moments.  When I graduated from high school I was terrified to think about going BACK to school after I had done all of this work to GET OUT of school.

I mean…when you are 17 or 18 years old or if you are BRILLIANT and graduate at a younger age(there was NO chance this would be me…) who actually knows what you really want to do out of high school?

Seriously there is a 3%-4% amount of people who truly know what they want to be out of high school….and another 40-50% who will go off to university and likely switch their major after year one or two years and go into something completely different from what they started with.  Then there are the other 50% of us that are waiting for the “sign” from the universe of what we were meant to do!

There is nothing wrong with this, I just personally could not justify having my parents pay for a university degree that I really had no clue what I wanted to do.   Took me an additional 15 years out of high school to discover what it was that lit me up in life. ( I am sure my parents are grateful I did not spend their retirement on 15 years of school!)

I was NEVER willing to settle for just a job either because frankly, I get bored super easy if I am not lit up by what I do!  Sorry in advance to any past employers who may read this and discover I was bored out of my tree and uninspired (except for when I worked in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine…I thought that was pretty cool!)….or maybe you knew and were too kind to say anything.

Either way, it was no different when I arrived in Ontario. I took on many jobs from running a gym(“Hello, how can I make you smile today?”…I mean who makes their employees say that? Yes, it was great to hear the responses! LOL), network marketing (that was interesting) to waiting on tables (in the financial district…can we say Thursdays downtown are GREAT if you want a lot of marriage proposals from super drunk financial guys?…I certainly enjoyed the one when you just came out of the washroom and your shirt was stuck in the zipper of your pants…I think you more or less turned it into a marriage proposal cuz you tripped…classy! Bet he is unhappily married by accident today!), to working in a doctor’s office (my co-worker would have loved working downtown with all the creepy marriage proposals I am afraid), to opthalmic assistant (I realized I actually do enjoy poking people in the eyes…little weird…I know, but couldn’t stand being in a dark room ALL THE TIME! I had owl vision…seriously!), to office manager (I am NOT good at sitting at a desk all day!) to now a Zumba instructor. BINGO!!

I need to be able to make people laugh, sweat and have fun!  There are soooo many variations that this could have turned into that I am so HAPPY (and I am sure my family is too) this is what it turned out to be!

I did go back to university at one point and quickly discovered that it was not for me.  I don’t really think that school IS for everyone. Sometimes it is discovering your creative side out there in the world over a head in a book.  I am totally okay with how I came to where I am because where I am….is pretty cool and I now work for me!

Yes, this entry turned into a bit of a “find yourself” message….but you know what….sometimes we need to hear…it is all okay….YOU are okay! WE are all okay!




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