Prairie Families Rock!


One of the hardest parts about moving away from your family is that your family doesn’t come with you….I didn’t move away to get away from my family. I love my family to bits! I think though, that since I moved away, I appreciate each of them way more than I ever did.  People used to say, “You are just like your Dad!”  I would say “No! I have hair!”  Sorry Dad…it’s true though….I do have more than you and I know if someone asks you, you say it was having a teenage daughter that made you lose it…that IS probably very accurate and not just funny.  You look great bald though! Thought you should know!


I now get from my friends who have met my mom, “You are sooo much like your mom!” I say, “No I am not!” and then I listen to my mom talk and realize that we have the same personality AND her and I actually do look a lot alike…we are gorgeous….because we have hair and all…Sorry again, Dad…Mom and I wouldn’t be able to pull off the bald look as well as you do!

My mom and dad both have awesome sense of humors and love and care about people like crazy! So do my brothers! We don’t talk much on the phone but keep posted on each other’s lives through facebook, email or texts.  It works! Thank god for technology! My inbox is often full with jokes, to which I may not respond but I read them all and it makes living worlds apart at least a bit easier!

When I moved here though, the hardest part of moving was not having my parents physically here for me anymore. I mean, they were always still here for me via phone but it is different when you can’t just reach through the phone and get a hug. Trust me, I have tried!  I am waiting for teleportation to be made available! It is coming you know!

My parents have come to visit me over the years and I love that even though they seem totally stressed and frazzled by the time they get here because it is a REALLY LONG DRIVE, they are always in good shape to start de-stressing and goofing around and have a drink and kick back!  They are adventurous like me and are willing to take Toronto Public Transit…that IS A BIG adventure people when you are not from here!! I got some stories I will share in coming blog entries!

I talk to my parents about everything (hence why my Dad is bald…jeez…Mom, how do YOU still have hair?? You should let Dad in on your secret!) and rarely do they flinch or get upset. I have even tried to make them flinch (it actually wasn’t me but my evil twin) but they just look with me as to what’s next or how I will handle what has come up.

The point I am making today is Family Rocks! While my family is not physically here with me, I have a few adopted families now so they supply the physical hugs which is AWESOME and I still have my prairie family too!

One luck girl I tell ya!!

John & Shirly's 44th wedding anniversary



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