Keeps You On Your Toes!


Anyone but me: When you go south you will see it.

Me: See what?

Anyone but me: You are going East right now…you need to turn and go south to see it!

Me: Are we talking about the bank on the corner? Cuz that’s not my bank and I don’t see why I need to look at it!

Anyone but me: No that is when you are looking West!!

Me: Why can’t you just tell me what you are looking at? Is it the guy with the giant build board selling mattresses?

Anyone but me: NO! When are you going to learn directions?

Me: Maybe once you tell ME what YOU ARE LOOKING AT!!

And so the conversation ends with one or both stomping away in frustration….seriously…why can’t people just use landmarks as a way of giving directions? North East South West, or as I was taught in school with my prairie education Never Eat Sour Weenies….I never quite understood that…I mean…where do you find sour weenies? Is that a hot dog or is it those little cocktail weenies that come in a can?  Those are surprisingly good…. This may be the whole reason why I never got North East South West….it all makes sense now….

I will learn directions when the Great Sour Weenie mystery is solved, until then….TELL ME WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING FOR BY DESCRIPTION NOT “DIRECTION.” It is not hard…I mean there is something on almost every corner.  It keeps you on your toes!

Me: You are now going to take a right at the white house with the blue trim, go past the billboard that is past the second stop light….If you pass the tractor on your left you have gone too far….turn back and look for the yellow fence post.

Seriously, who needs luminosity brain work games when you give up the whole North East South West thing and get back to basics in every day living.

I say take the challenge!

Thank you…that is all for today…my brain hurts from this directionless conversation…is that a word? Directionless?

It’s not…I looked it up…Let’s start a petition to add it! Then I guess that would mean I am gaining direction and no longer directionless so now the word has no point and the petition is over.

Thanks for coming out….


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