Foldy Bikes and Groceries


Since moving to Toronto I have come into possession of an AWESOME “foldy” bike.  Thank you to a dear friend of mine and past boss for giving me this little mode of transit that I delight in so much!

I love this bike! It’s not like a fancy bike like a cyclist would ride.  My butt thanks me every day that I do not plant my tooshy on one of those bikes. The idea of putting my butt on something the size of tree branch and then clipping my shoes into the peddles to try to hold on for dear life, is just an accident waiting to happen!

I am not sure how they even classify it as a seat….it is more like a perma-wedgie….no underwear needed….this wonderful seat will just tuck your entire pair of shorts up your…..okay okay…I will stop…

It’s uncomfortable! Those are my last words on that topic….

The great thing about living in Toronto is I can ride my bike everywhere…AND….I can slap a milk crate on the back and people think your “artsy” and cool! This also gives me the thought that I can do all my grocery shopping for the week on my little bike.

I always buy way too much and then fill the entire milk crate, my back pack and have at least 4 bags hanging off my handle bars. Come to think of it, I must resemble an urban Sherpa. Soon others are putting stuff in my basket and I have to wait for them at the top of the hill to give them their items…not even a thank you sometimes….jeesh….oh the woes of the Urban Sherpa!

It’s all about balance, ensuring that you have evenly distributed the vegetables and meat and fruit.

When playing the balancing game of groceries, for the love of God, DO NOT LET GO OF THE HANDLE BARS AND KEEP YOUR WHEELS OUT OF THE STREETCAR TRACKS!  This act will result in fruit rolling, bag handles breaking, wheels turning and legs mangled and your pride will be left waiting for you on the corner to be picked up while you do the walk of shame picking up your roll away zucchini’s…

If I have a car to get groceries….I want to see how many bags I can take into the house at one time ….nobody is telling me to do this…I just HAVE TO do it. I can’t help myself, it is like mission impossible!

These are the dilemma’s that plague city living!

You do it too….don’t deny it!



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