Poking, Email Etiquette, Inner Pirates!


I get poked by A LOT of people….Not like poked poked in the form of being stabbed by a finger or a pen, I don’t mean in a sexual nature either…(AND that is just none of your business!)…I am talking about virtual pokings…it is like a drive by poking on facebook…..you see someone’s profile and think “Man, I should poke them!” and then you do and the poking war is on!  Maybe not a war….maybe for you it is a friendly poking…for me it is more like “I know…with time….I can out-poke you!” Ar…ar…ar…<my inner pirate just leaked out>

This is what the virtual world has come to.

I remember back in the day, when we used to walk UP HILL all the way to school in 10 feet of snow….(NO I DON’T!! I lived across the street from school and on the prairies….the only “up- hill” experience I had was if I walked over the snow bank my dad made with the snow blower…..I am also pretty sure that when my parents used this line on me….THEY didn’t have to walk up hill either….but carry on) where was I? Oh yeah….I remember back in the day when I would get requests to join facebook…. “So and so friends just joined and want you to join too”….I don’t follow the crowd generally so I ignored for quite some time…..

The requests just kept coming……LAY OFF PEOPLE…..Oops sorry cap locks got stuck….really wasn’t YELLING….now I just yelled…hehehehe….

That is the other thing about being on the computer….did you know about all this email etiquette? Ya….it is RUDE to CAPITALIZE things sometimes….or underline them and BOLD them….like now what I am saying to you is VERY IMPORTANT and I don’t think you are going to understand it so I have gone to ALL THIS WORK TO ENSURE YOU DO NOT MISS MY POINT!!!

It really is kind of rude…..

This must be internet rant day…..where was I? Facebook requests….right….so finally I decided in 2007 (I only know it was then cuz Facebook has told me….I rely on it a bit too much sometimes…I am expecting it one day to tell me when my next medical is due….) to join…..since then life has become a pretty public platform!  I see the people who try to hide and those who will show and tell you everything (I am in the middle somewhere….probably right between Social Sally and SHOW OFF Shawn! You know who you are! HAHAH….now you ALL want to know! (see this whole bold and underlined thing has really got you thinking “who is that?” Not telling!)

I used to be super private about my life but I hit a point where if you think what I have to write or say is interesting and you want to “like” it or VIRTUALLY “poke” me….then GAME ON!

It really is a poke, like, poke world out there….Poke…or be Poked….That is the question…


Hector (Can’t use his real name..haven’t asked for permission yet either from him! I am slow…) really LOVES this sock! He wanted to show it to you! You just smiled now….didn’t you? 😉


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