What Is Being In Love?


For the longest time I never really understood the term “being IN love”….I dated a lot and liked a lot of the men I dated. I “thought” I loved them and I think in the world of just loving humanity, I truly loved them….just not in the way that being “in” love is really like.

Fernando was and still is a discovery in my life.  I have found that when you are “in” love you can say ANYTHING to the other person and there is not a lot of upset.  I never have to watch what I am about to say….like be concerned I will offend….(I am a little cheeky if you haven’t noticed so this has always been a concern for me…I know…you are shocked!)

All these crazy silly thoughts I have..…I have more than likely had a conversation with him about it….like now he really ponders about cave women and menstrual cycles, rodeo clowns, flying and not in a plane, he has grown to love gumby and pokey….you name it, he is in!

Which is when I realized what being “in” love really is for me…It is those moments I have with another human that they do not try to change me, they find my quirky ways cute and never ask me to be any other way, when he laughs with me until we both pee our pants (don’t tell him I told you that…), when he holds me when I cry and even if I don’t know why I am crying he just holds me, no questions asked…he sits with me and we talk until we both fall asleep, when we get annoyed with one another we actually say “You are annoying me right now…could you please stop talking….” Or like children on a playground in the middle of an argument we will declare to the other that we no longer want to play in the sand box right now and we are going to take our pail and shovel and leave…..(that may sound nuts to you but it makes us laugh and we realize how foolish our little argument is and then we kiss and make up! It really can be that easy!)

I found love in the most unexpected way and maybe that is one of the reasons why I treasure it so much….finding that person that you can laugh with, sing at the top of your lungs with, be totally uninhibited with, everything…..

I see all my past relationships as amazing and am happy to have had each one of them. (whether you still think I am a bonehead or not for leaving…you know who you are! ;)) They have helped me to discover how amazing it is to discover what being “in”love is.  The coolest part is I am still in contact with many of my past relationships, as is Fernando, and we are happy to see so many of them that have discovered what being “in” love is for them!

Relationships end but it doesn’t mean that you don’t still care about the person. There is something that had you be with them in the first place….they are not “bad”, they may just not have been Mr. or Miss Right for you!

Isn’t being human AWESOME?!

My wish for the world is more people who have children together would get this concept….It would make everyone’s life just a little simpler if you asked me! Yeah….I am saying you should ask me!!

Thanks for asking!


This is Fernando and I when we are reserved….no personalities I am telling you!


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  1. I’ve wondered about being ‘in love’ too. This makes a lot of sense to me. Based on how you describe it, I can say I have been ‘in love’ but I don’t know that any of my partners have been ‘in love’ with me. With previous partners, I have not had had the experience where ‘they do not try to change me, they find my quirky ways cute and never ask me to be any other way’; This I know for sure. It’s neither good nor bad but it’s something I’ve noticed. I don’t have any regrets and it’s something to be aware of as I look for my next relationship.

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