Sun Babies and Martini’s…Ahhh The Good Life!


I am a sun baby!

No doubt in my mind that the only reason I was dropped on the Prairies by the stork (Yes…that is what I believe happened because the alternative has me think about what my parents did behind closed doors and that is THEIR business, not mine) was because of my awesome family and of course to build character…we prairie people come with a TON of character!

This winter in Toronto, although still not as harsh as winter can be on the prairies, was BRUTAL! My body was built for the Caribbean and copious (I love that word….not sure why but things that come in “copious” amounts are awesome! Like copious amounts of sangria…copius amounts of money…copius amounts of laughter…copius amounts of….YOU fill in the blank, I can’t do it all for you!) amounts of warmth and sun!

Today I am perched on my balcony with a martini (yes, I know it is sunday afternoon…this is my Holy Day…”Holy! Tammy is not exercising, bring me another Martini Day”….to be exact!) with my boxer dog Hudson and we are wearing tank tops (well, I am….Hudson refuses to wear his….he says it makes him look chunky! Dogs now a days! Jeesh!) basking in the glorious day in Toronto!

Last night I was in a blizzard, today lounging on the balcony sipping martini’s (who am I kidding? I guzzled the first one…don’t judge…it’s hot out here…I was thirsty!) See, that is the fun of living in Toronto…it is really a “crap shoot” (what a bad term….who shoots crap??ewwww) as to whether you wear a parka or tank top….you should really have both just in case!

What in life could be better than that?

Oh yeah! Martini’s and sun EVERYDAY!

I think that might make me an alcoholic……okay…SUN EVERYDAY/not martini’s…..

Happy now?

I am!!!



In the summer Fernando Nino gets as CRAZY as I am!!

Good to take people down with you!




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