The Inner Dialogue…So Many Questions…


I started to write today about something funny….(it will have to wait) my brain is in overdrive right now as a business owner.  I always thought that by being a business owner in the field that you loved would for sure make it something “easy” to do.  I mean…I am not even sure what I thought “easy” meant but I am clear that whatever it is I thought it meant….it wasn’t this!

I absolutely adore what I get to do everyday! Get up….dance…listen to music…dance some more….hang with my dog….dance some more….find new business and do financial spreadsheets….ughhh…..that is where the story shifts….

I did a personality test a while ago and it said that I am a “WOO” person! Which means people are attracted and I am able to WOO people into what it is I am up to…..recently I think my WOO switch got turned off….is that even possible?? I am down a quart of WOO!

I have so many amazing clients that come out to play with me every week and I love them so much! I have had a couple say for the new session that they are not coming back….This may sound strange but I really do not know how to take that….does that mean they are never coming back? Are they just taking a break? Did I do something? Did I not do something? Are THEY dealing with something? Am I crazy? Probably…..maybe that is it? Why don’t people just let me know what is going on so I can understand and support them? Maybe they don’t want my support….

I just wanna dance with EVERYONE so they feel as AWESOME as I do! Is that so bad?

If people could actually HEAR the nonsense that goes on between my ears….I am telling you….straights jackets-r-us (I think Toys-R-Us should expand their business) would be on their way to pick me up! Or maybe then ALL of us would be wearing straight jackets(See Toys-R-Us?! BIG booming business in straight jackets!) because I am sure I am not the only one who talks to themselves like this…am I? Are you listening?

It is like the circle of life….or better yet….the circle of no answers…just questions….ahhhhh….

You may think I am joking around right now….am I?


Do I frighten people? I don’t think so…

I grew these muscles all by myself! Pretty impressive, I know!


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  1. Well woman I am in the same boat… OMG! It is all about slowing down the hamster wheel and generate the good vibrations and attract the people that will ROCK your world… Indeed your a surely ONE of them… Thank you for your CRAZY LOVE!

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