Multiple Small Dog Syndrome


It occurred to me today (as a woman walking 3 chihuaha’s went by) that I see many people with little dogs who have MULTIPLE little dogs. I have always wondered….are those the people who wished they could have had a big dog so they get 3 little ones to try to equal the size and responsibility of having one big one?  Or are they worried that if they only have one….he/she may get left behind or lot so by having 3 the barking will always remind you that they are there?

When you have a big dog…it’s obvious they are there….when 65 lbs tries to climb into your lap like they are “being sneaky”, there is just NOTHING sneaky about that….as they push so hard on your stomach you think you may need to go to the bathroom…..(or nearly deflate your boob with one heavy paw….and your boobs are REAL! Jeesh!)

I often see and hear of dog lovers who have multiples of small dogs….is this like a cult? Like a small dog cult? I just don’t know….this keeps me up at night…(oh…the things that keep me up at night!)


This is my dog….he is BIG…and as you can see… likes wearing sunglasses…is that weird?


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