Dog Care Obsession


I just realized how OBSESSED I am with my dog!

So Fernando Nino’s daughter is coming to watch Watson for 5 days while we are away….this is her first time watching him….(yes! I am fully aware he is a D-O-G!)  I have been worried about all the little details and thinking “does she have enough time to spend with him?”, “Will he be okay?”, etc, etc, etc.

Today I made her a one page Word document about how to take care of him….yes…this got a little out of hand but let me share the points with you……I think you will enjoy….AND find them very valid! (Please agree….please please agree…)

What You Need To Know for Watson (my dog under an A.K.A to protect his identity):

  1. Feed him 1 cup of dry food 3 times a day (fresh water too in the morning)
  2. Food is in garage in grey bin
  3. No food except for his dry food and his homemade treats in cupboard/fridge…we all know what happens otherwise.  BIG vet bills!
  4. I take him around the block at least once a day, otherwise just out back door works. (if weather is yucky, he doesn’t want to go anyway so you may need to make him at least go out backdoor)
  5. He usually goes out minimum 3-5 times a day (only really 1-2 times of a longer walk like around the block or more)
  6. He has not had that crazy allergy reaction since last summer when he ended up all bumpy and itchy…but if it happened…benedryl is in the cupboard by the fridge. One pill every 8 hours in a spoon of peanut butter.
  7. Doesn’t have to be in kennel when you go, likes car rides and walks on the beach….
  8. Sleeps in kennel, on couch, or in your bed at night! Lol….If on your bed, I recommend putting down a bed sheet/towel or blanket for him to specifically lay on so to reduce hairs on your bed.
  9. As you know, he is easy-going and cuddly and loves having people around him a lot. He will steal your stuff so if something is missing….check his kennel…it’s his way of telling you he loves you…
  10. Now you are probably reading this and laughing at me…. I am laughing at me too at this point….I am so totally obsessed with him! HAHAHAH
  11. You are probably super thankful that your father and I never had babies…lol…if this is just for the dog…DEAR LORD!


She has 4 people to contact in the event of an emergency….the vet…two of his dogwalkers and my friend Cheryl…Cheryl is just fun to chat with so thought she might want to call!

I hope they will be okay……  😉 I hope I will be okay…….HAHAHA


He protects me….when I pass out from worrying….and wine….


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