It’s Been A While Discovering….

It’s Been A While Discovering….

I am at an interesting point in my life and realize that I have many talents to put to good use.  While searching through my Rolodex (yep! Had to go that far back!) of skills to see which one’s light me up there are definitely a few that stand out and scream “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

The love of my life truly is writing followed closely by dancing and finishing off with public speaking. What a mix of love!

My love of writing started in elementary school and quickly blossomed in high school. Once on my own and living in the “real world” of being an adult, I stopped writing for a while in the sense of sharing my work.  I wrote for me and continue to do so, however now I do blog and love every minute of it! Writing is a place to splash the inner workings of my mind and life out onto a piece of paper (or more so now, onto a screen for millions of strangers to judge, assess, love it, hate it, relate to it) in the most vulnerable way to connect with others.

I grew up dancing from age 3 but lost interest at age 12 due to a rare foot disease called sever’s disease. This is where the tendons in your ankles grow slower than the rest of your foot and can cause severe pain.  More painful than that though, was that I had to wear clogs as footwear in Grade 6 & 7 as it was the only footwear that didn’t hurt my feet. Go figure, I got glasses that year too.

Luck was on my side to become a beautiful butterfly later in life! Dreams really DO come true! 🙂

Dancing came back into my life about 12 years ago, when I discovered a You Tube video by searching “Latin cardio fitness”. This woman popped up on my screen, the music came on, I got entranced with how free she was in her movement and immediately sought out the word ZUMBA in the Google search engine (seriously, what did we do before Google? I cannot even remember anymore) and VOILA, 12 years later I still dance and teach Zumba 6 days a week!  The gift truly has been that I have been able to teach this program to people as young as 3 all the way up to 94 and every ability possible! Dance is a universal language.  When I hear people say “Oh, I can’t dance.”  My answer to that is “yes, you can!”

EVERYONE dances differently. Maybe you are in a wheelchair. YOU can still dance.  Maybe you think you have two left feet. Two left feet…CAN still dance.  Maybe you think you have no rhythm.  You DO have rhythm and it may be beating to your OWN drum. OWN THAT! But do not tell me you cannot dance.  That is only a story that got created because you tried and either decided you couldn’t OR someone made a comment about how you move.  A story is just that.  There is no truth to it. SO DANCE!

That is my opinion!

Public speaking is something I have been doing for well over a decade now and the funny part of this is I just kind of fell into it.   I wanted to be behind the scenes supporting courses for youth but as I moved up the assisting ladder, I became a Supervisor, overseeing all that went on behind the scenes.

When this happened, a part of being a Supervisor meant that I had to learn to speak in front of parents about being a “perfect parent” essentially.  This was all an interactive dialogue where I was to lead the conversation, interact with parents/families for 2+ hours.  I was so confronted by this, I could barely breathe in the beginning.  This was literally an outer body experience the first few times I delivered this talk.

As time went on, I got present that this was a gift. To be able to stand at the front of a room and talk about something so important as being a parent and all that gets in the way of just being with one’s child.  Parenting is one of the hardest job’s in the world being there is zero instruction manual to get you through it.

From this, a few years ago I partnered up with an incredible team at My Life Online, teaching social media safety to children and I now travel around the GTA and beyond delivering assembly presentations to grades 4-8.

What a transition! Working with parents to working with their children. I realized that we are really all the same no matter our age. Children are learning just as we adults are learning and that will never change!

I began to love public speaking and quite honestly, to this day, still think I might get sick before walking to the front of the room….Happy to report I am 0 out of 87 times presenting for actually getting sick!

There are times where I wonder about how to bring all these loves in my life together and where my tribe of bloggers, dancers and presenters are that have brought these three loves all into one incredibly amazing day-to-day adventure.

If my tribe is out there, I would LOVE to connect with you!  I am waiting for a sign…or really….just send me an email or text, or call….I will respond quicker that way!



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