Rockin’ the Readers….Bring on 42~

Rockin’ the Readers….Bring on 42~

Age is but a number….I have always said this….it is like gravity is gravity, nothing much more to it than that.

My girlfriends over 40 say “oh! wait until you hit 40, then you will see!”  I would giggle and be like “sure sure, okay. It is just a number, no biggy!”

I take that all back….

Thursday I am turning 42 and as much as I do not like to admit it, some things HAVE changed….Here is the comprehensive list of NEW findings in my 40’s..

  1. My arm has had to extend much further out now to try to read my phone or a book without putting on reading glasses (which I now have a pair in every bag and drawer of my home!)
  2. When I jump up and down…I pee a little…also happens if I laugh too hard…it’s like the muscles down there just give way a lot quicker
  3. I have no patience for drama. THIS ONE I LOVE! In my 20’s & 30’s I used to put up with so much and ‘wish’ & ‘hope’ that people would come around. I no longer find this necessary to do. I see Drama coming at me and I duck for cover.
  4. I grow whiskers out of my chin. WHY??? I now have a plucking routine and every now and then just go for the full waxing deal and yell out “Off with the HAIR!!”
  5. I think twice before doing certain activities like skating, moving furniture, picking really heavy stuff up….I am in no mood to break any bone or strain anything on purpose.
  6. I get super hot…not the same as saying I AM super hot (like I used to elude to in my 20’s)…that’s just vanity…what I am talking about is all out I am so hot I could burn you if you touch me….THEN pretty much the next day, I am so cold that I am wearing my winter jacket and boots in the house with the furnace cranked right up….and it’s summer!
  7. My 40’s have also brought me a level of confidence that I did not have before. Like I will say and do what I need to and in a way that others can hear it, see it and know that I said it for the best interest of everybody.

All this being said, many things DID actually shift when I turned 40 and while there are a few more chin hairs, unwanted bodily reactions when jumping or laughing, some hot sweats followed by chills & reading glasses placed strategically throughout the house….42 years of being alive is pretty spectacular!

I know I know…even at 42, I am just the New Kid On the Block and there are so many more enjoyable experiences headed my way that I will take head on with a big smile, some laughter and you will probably have the joy of reading about….it really is incredible and nothing to complain about because at least I get to have these experiences and if you are reading this, know that it’s pretty awesome for you too!

Some people will not get to bear witness to these things happening so love EVERY MINUTE OF IT! 🙂




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